A Quick Guide To Quickshots – DJI Air

Master the six Quickshots for smooth and seamless flight


A fluid drone shot is no easy thing. Truly talented drone pilots are the ones who can accomplish complex aerial maneuvers as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.
Thankfully, DJI makes it easier for the rest of us to get that shot on the first try with the Mavic Air’s Quickshots; six pre-programmed flight patterns that you can launch with the push of a button.
Here are the six Quickshot paths:

A very simple orbit around a subject, with the camera fixed inward on that subject for the whole circuit.

A shot you’ve most likely seen before, the dronie starts fairly close to the subject, low to the ground, before launching outward and upward, until the subject is a tiny speck in the distance.

The drone spirals out further and further from the subject in increasingly large orbits.

Again, the drone starts out close to the subject, and begins spinning around them like a circle, but instead of maintaining a set distance in its orbit, the drone flies out wide in its orbit, then back again to where it started.

Starting from a forward-facing view of the subject, the drone launches straight up in the air, with the camera tilting downward to follow the subject as the drone ascends, ending with a top-down view from high up.
The drone starts at a much higher altitude, with a top-down view that can be expanded to a full 360-degrees, before dropping down to the earth and coming to a stop in front of its subjects, like it never left at all.
Check out our video rundown of the Quickshots below, then try them out for yourself!