Friday Featured Photographer – Kate Osborne


Wedding season is creeping up on us faster than we can imagine! Now is the time to get your gear ready and organized for the crazy, busy season of summertime weddings! Our featured photographer this week is a pro at shooting weddings and she does it with so much beauty and class. This week we are telling you a bit more about the talented KATE OSBORNE! She has answered a few questions that will help you get through your client’s upcoming shoots with ease and come out with incredible photos. Read below to learn from a pro!

What cameras/lenses do you shoot with and why? 
“My primary cameras are the  the Canon 5D Mark III for digital, and a Pentax 645N for film. The Sigma 50mm, the Canon 85mm, and the Sigma 35mm are [the lenses] I mostly use. On occasion for weddings, I will use the Canon 24-70mm and the 70-200mm.”
How did you build your clientele? Did you find that there was one way that works best for you? 
“I have been so lucky with the amazing clients that I have worked with over the years! When I first started shooting weddings, I was shooting friends’ weddings and then friends’ of friends and so on. Now, all of my weddings are referrals from past brides, planners, and people that have found my work on their own and connected with my style.
Natural light vs. artificial light? Which do you prefer? 
“I shoot primarily natural light. I love the look and it often forces you outdoors to natural locations. In my mind, the more I am outdoors, the better!  All portrait, interior and food sessions I shoot in natural light. The authentic look and what it does for skin tones just can’t be beat in my mind. I do use artificial lighting when necessary at wedding receptions.”
What kind of camera bag would you recommend for carrying all of your gear around for long shoots, like weddings? 
“I carry my gear in a couple different setups: If I am shooting a portrait session, a commercial shoot, or traveling, I bring along my Peak Design messenger and/or Peak Design backpack. For weddings, I carry the Peak Design messenger on me with my main lenses and film. I also bring a Lowe Pro Nova 200 (similar here) to hold all my extra lenses, backup camera, flashes, batteries etc. I switch things out from my Lowe Pro to my messenger throughout the day as needed. All these bags are carry-on size, so when I travel there is no need to part with my precious gear.”
What tips do you have for working with the videographer at weddings? How do you coordinate with them to make sure you both get the shots you need?
“This classic industry rivalry! You are both trying to get the same shot at the same time without stepping on each others toes – literally! Working with a videographer does add another dimension of coordination at a wedding. Luckily, everyone I have worked with has been really great and easy going. The videographer and myself usually set up a game plan of who will be where and when during the important moments. We then, keep tabs on each other to avoid getting in the others shots. Sometimes, it is unavoidable, and you will be in the videographers shot, but you try your best and make sure you get the crucial shots for your client.”
If you are interested in booking Kate for your next event or wedding head to her website here. Otherwise, be sure to follow her on social media for some beautiful inspiration! Instagram // Facebook